Grab Website Traffic from Ebay

March 26, 2006

So you’ve built your website or blog, optimized it well and listed it on the search engines. Trouble is, you’re not getting much traffic, because it can take a while to get a high ranking for your keyphrases on the search engines.

Don’t worry - there’s plenty other places you can get website traffic from. And one of those places is Ebay. Ebay gets millions of visitors each day, so popping an advert on there would be a great way to generate swarms of traffic to your website. Unfortunately, you’re not actually allowed to put a listing on Ebay, which merely points people in the direction of your site. But there’s other ways to get website traffic from Ebay.

An excellent website traffic grabbing move is to sell an information product on Ebay. It doesn’t need to be long and it doesn’t need to be a work of art either. In the past, I’ve sold information products on Ebay which were as short as 11 pages. If you provide good information, which is of interest to people and price it accordingly, you’ll get traffic for your site, and make some extra cash for your efforts.

You may have noticed that some people sell ebooks on Ebay, for as little as 2 cents. But I’m not sure that is the way to go. You could have a million links to your site in a book which you are giving away. Trouble is, they could be worthless, because a lot of folk don’t really value something they didn’t pay for. There’s thousands of freebie hunters on Ebay, and some of them will snap anything up that’s going cheap, even if they’re only mildly interested in it.

Some free ebooks do work well, but they’re generally viral and very well put together. Check out this one if you want to learn how it’s done.

Unless you’re confident that you can pull off a viral book, try to price your product at what you think it’s worth. And don’t just stop at including links to your website in the ebook. Do something which will pull visitors back to your site regularly, such as including free membership to your newsletter with the ebook.

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