Idiots Don’t Need Business Plans

March 29, 2006

Regardless of what you’ve heard, only idiots don’t need business plans. Some folk will tell you that the only time you need to think about business plans, is when you want to borrow money from the bank. This is complete trip. The truth is, if you don’t have a plan for your business, you can’t possibly achive your goals.

Doing a plan for your home based business doesn’t need to be complicated. And even if you’re just planning to set up a part-time home based business as an additional stream of income, you still need a business plan.

In How to Run Your Business Like a Girl, the author interviewed several business owners. One of the questions she asked them was, “Do you have a business plan?” And she also asked, “How long were you in business before you were able to start paying yourself?

Would it surprise you to learn that some of those without a plan have ran their businesses for 4 years plus, and claim that they are still unable to pay themselves? The ones who did have a plan were able to begin paying themselves relatively quickly. Which boat would you rather be in?

Only an idiot would run a business for more than four years, with no pay. What would you live on? How could you possibly motivate yourself to go on, if you weren’t making a single bean?

A business plan is just like a road map. You work out where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. And your plan doesn’t need to be set in stone - you can tweak it as you go. It doesn’t need to be complicated, in fact, writing your business plans will be easy if you use one of the recommended resources below.

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