Create A Profitable Viral Ebook

Viral marketing is the best method for generating explosive internet traffic and sales, if it’s done right.

And a viral ebook is one of the best methods of viral marketing. It is a book which is passed from one person to another and makes profits for each party. So the benefits of passing along this type of book are huge.

How Does A Viral Ebook Work ?

The viral ebook contains affiliate links. When a reader purchases from a link, the affiliate receives the commission.

The writer of book allows some of the links to be ‘rebranded’, enabling the reader to replace them with his own affiliate codes. This gives each reader a massive incentive to pass the book along to others, as they can make money, just by adding their own affiliate links.

The Three Keys To A Profitable Viral Ebook

1) Wide Distribution

You could charge for an ebook, or you could charge others to resell it. But the simplest way to make the highest profits and widest distribution is by offering the book FREE and making commission from the affiliate links.

2) Quality Affiliate Links

The secret to a successful viral ebook is excellent content and only a few top quality, highly relevant affiliate links. If your viral ebook is stuffed with affiliate links, it won’t inspire your readers to click on them.

Your links should be weaved naturally into the content and you should not seem to be pushing for a sale at all. If you want to see a really good example on how this is done, read the free ebook at the end of this article.

3) Maximum Return For Both Parties

To persuade others to pass along your viral ebook, you need to allow enough affiliate links to be rebranded to make it worthwhile to readers to pass the book along.

Trouble is, if you give away the book and allow the reader to replace all your affiliate links, you don’t make any money. You’d probably just get a few subscribers to add to your mailing list and that’s it.

But to motivate your reader to pass the book along, you need to offer the book free and allow all the affiliate links to be replaced. But you need to do this in a way that you can still profit.

There are 3 different ways to achieve this:

* If the affiliate links in the book are for your own products

* If the links are for products for which you have resale rights

* If the links are for 2-tier affiliate programs so that you collect the 2nd tier commission when a rebrander, who has signed up under you, makes a sale

And so, if you use these techniques you can begin a viral marketing campaign which will continue to generate traffic and sales with little on-going effort on your part.

EXCEPT for two issues we need to resolve:

1) What happens if everyone rebrands the book and only makes purchases from their own copy ?

Only a minority - 10% will take the time to rebrand a book which means that the majority (90%) will be reading your book and purchasing from YOUR links.

So only 10% will be ‘lost’ to you . . . or are they ?

2) What if you want to produce a book on a popular topic - but you can’t find any of the three types of suitable links to put in the book, i.e. links to a product of your own, to products with resale rights or for 2-tier affiliate programs.

There’s a solution to this problem. The answers to both problems are in 101 SuperTips” - they are actually tips 100 and 101.

101 Super Tips is a free ebook, with valuable information linking to highly relevant products, and you can rebrand it, again for free.

I’m sure that you’ll find it to be ‘the perfect viral ebook’ and a profitable source of revenue for you.

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