6 Ways To Get Noticed Online

October 19, 2008

There’s lots of ways to get noticed online. Some involve time, some involve money. But others are free, quick and easy.

Get Registered

If you haven’t done so already, get noticed by registering your blog on Barbara Swafford’s new blog registry at Blogging Without a Blog. It’s quick, it’s free and you get more than just a bog standard listing - you also get the chance to share a bit of info about you and your blog. Go to this post and follow the instructions to get yourself noticed, on an extremely popular blog.

Get Talking

Another free and easy way to get noticed, is to get interviewed by a blogger. If you don’t know someone who’d happily promote you, do something newsworthy or outrageous, or exaggerate quite a bit. Mick Jagger’s not going to know that you’re not really one of his secret love children. And even if you don’t have overly botoxed lips - the guy reckons he’s slept with more than a thousand women, so it’s going to take him a bloody long time to work it out.

But if you feel a bit uncomfortable exaggerating that much, you could just suck up to a blogger who interviews folk, like Jamie Harrop. Jamie has just brought out a free ebook, on a series of interviews with popular bloggers. He even included me. If sucking up doesn’t work - try bribery.

Piss Off A Whole Bunch Of Folk And Millions Of People Will Notice You

Write stuff that will really annoy a whole tribe of people. Think Perez Hilton. Every day, he gets flamed for making fun of celebs on his blog. But no matter how much folk hate him - he still gets noticed by millions of people each month and he makes shedloads of money.

The hilarious thing is, thousands of schmucks who can’t stand the guy, write about what an asshole he is and that brings him heaps more traffic and money. And if you can’t bear the thought of annoying folk every single day - just write one little thing that will irritate the hell out of thousands of people, as Seth Godin did when he announced that ads are the new online tip jar.

The Best Way To Get Noticed Online

Get a free ad on this amazingly popular blog. You’d have to be a complete eejit not to grab this opportunity before the deadline at midnight on Monday. Check out the offer and get your free ad now.

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Don’t Miss Out On Your Free Ad

October 17, 2008

The offer to advertise on this blog FREE of charge ends on Monday 20th October. Several people have already taken me up on this brilliant offer to drive heaps of traffic to their website. My blog gets in the region of 150,000 page views a month, so your ad will be seen around 37,000 times. Let me show you how much you are saving.

According to a recent Techorati study, the average blog charges $4.20 per 1000 impressions and many blogs charge $30 per 1000 impressions, with some charging as much as $55.

If you advertise on this blog for a week, your ad will be seen on every page and could potentially be seen by 37,500 people. 37.5 x the $4.20 industry average is $157.50 per week. The free ad is available when you sign up for the excellent 8 Week Power Blog Launch course by Monday 20th October.

I won’t be extending this offer, so to take advantage and attract scores of visitors to your blog, sign up to the 8 Hour Power Blog Launch now. Note - the offer is only available to those who enrol on the course through my review page. Simply email me with your course order number to arrange the ad.

Many people have asked me if the 8 Week Power Blog Launch course is for them. I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been blogging for a long time and doesn’t already get a decent amount of blog traffic. It is also suitable for folk wanting to start a blog from scratch.

*If you don’t already have an ad, don’t worry, you can create one free at: Addesigner. And if you don’t feel you’re ready to run your advert just yet, that’s not a problem either. You’re welcome to wait until you have your blog up and running and you’re ready to receive the extra traffic.

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Want To Help Me Fill This Nursing Home?

September 24, 2008

Have you ever tried to find a table in a restaurant on a Saturday night without a reservation and been turned away by several? Then eventually, you find somewhere but it’s pretty dead - maybe only a couple of tables are taken.

If you’re like most folk, you’re probably a bit suspicious. Even though you’ve finally found somewhere to eat, you’re wondering why it isn’t busy - it’s got to be awful right?

The thing is, popularity breeds popularity. If we see a place that’s busy, we figure it must be good so we want to try it out.

When Duncan Bannatyne of Dragons Den was opening his first nursing home, he found himself in a tough situation. He was skint and owed money here there and everywhere. But the bank wouldn’t give him the remainder of his loan until the nursing home was built and full of residents. They wanted to see that the place was popular before they parted with the cash.

So Duncan got his mother to bring a whole load of her friends over to the nursing home before the bank arrived. It worked - the place looked popular - the bank assumed all those folk were residents and Duncan got his cash.

Can you think of ways you could do that in your business - make it seem more popular, so you attract more paying customers? There’s nothing unethical about it, so long as you can deliver what you promise.

Yesterday, I decided to begin accepting ads on this blog. Trouble is, getting those first people to advertise is tough. Most folk want to see others trying out something first - they want to see that it’s popular.

I decided to begin with some really special deals and I’ve put four ad spaces on Ebay. I don’t think I’ve picked a great section of Ebay to advertise in and I guess the ads are a real struggle to find.

Ebay auction now closed. Click here to get a great advertising deal.

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