How I Lost 60% Of My Blog Traffic

November 19, 2008

What would you do if you lost 60% of your blog traffic? It happened to me last week. Ok, so I didn’t lose 60% of my total blog traffic.

But I lost 60% of the traffic for a keyphrase that usually brings me a decent amount of traffic to my blog.

It was my own fault and I want to share my mistake with you, to help you avoid losing blog traffic too.

Blog Traffic: Why The First Page Of Google Isn’t Enough

If you’re on the first or second page of Google for some less popular longtail keyphrases, that get a reasonable amount of searches; they’re probably not bringing you much blog traffic. So when you’re optimizing a blog post for those type of searches, you really need to try your best to get the number one slot, at the top of the first page of Google. It’s not that difficult and it’s worth the extra effort.

I was at the top of the first page of Google for one of those type of keyphrases, so I was getting quite a lot of blog traffic for that keyphrase each month. Trouble was, because I’d got quite complacent about staying at the top of Google for that particular keyphrase, I never noticed something was amiss. Then the Google traffic I received for that keyphrase took a huge dive.

Being 2nd On Google Means A Massive Drop In Blog Traffic

I checked to see why my blog traffic had dropped for that keyphrase. And I wasn’t surprised to find that I’d been pushed to the number 2 slot. What did shock me was the amount of difference that one position made - I’d lost around 50% of my blog traffic for that keyphrase. A couple of days later, I was pushed to number 3 position, resulting in a traffic loss of around 60% for that keyphrase.

So When That Happens - Can’t You Just Tweak Your Blog Post To Get The Traffic Back?

You could tweak the particular blog post, to get your number one position back. I did that and Google already crawled that page and moved my post back up to number 2. But it’s far easier to stay on top, once you’re already there. So, it’s better to keep an eye on the blog posts that are bringing you the most traffic.

And at the same time, you can keep an eye on your competitor’s posts, directly beneath yours and keep tweaking those posts, so they can’t push you off the top.

You Really Do Get A Lot More Blog Traffic By Doing This

It really is worth tweaking your posts to get a number one postion on Google for particular phrases. The difference it can make to your blog traffic is significant. For just one fairly unpopular keyphrase, linking to one blogpost, you can get hundreds, or even thousands of visitors, to your blog each month, if you’re in the number one position.

But if you were at the bottom of the first page, or the top of the second page, you’d probably only get a handful of visitors to your blog as a result.

Optimizing Your Blog To Get More Traffic Isn’t Complicated

Optimizing your blog to get more traffic isn’t complicated - if it was, I couldn’t do it, as I probably have the learning capacity of a 3 year old when it comes to technology. It isn’t even hard work. To be honest I do far less than I should.

In fact, I would normally recommend a product I used a good while ago, because I was too lazy to read another thing about SEO.

But some of my readers kept harping on about how great SEO School is and eventually I was forced to read it. And I’m glad I did. The other SEO book I recommended was good but it read more like a textbook. Also, it is no longer available in book form - you have to pay a monthly membership fee and at $100 a pop, it may not be worthwhile unless you intend to become a full time SEO, or your job is in SEO.

So I believe that SEO School is a better option. It has great information on search engine optimization and it’s a heap more fun to read. Also, it is around the same price as a regular hardback book.

If you want to get more traffic to your blog and attract visitors who will actually click on your ads, you’d be an idiot not to check out SEO School and learn how to optimize your site properly.

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Blog Marketing & Amazing People

September 21, 2008

Thanks To All You Amazing People

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done very little in the way of blog marketing at all - especially since I was banned from Stumble Upon. This is mostly due to lack of time. So, I’m tremendously grateful to all of you amazing people who’ve sent blog traffic my way, through stumbling my posts, linking to my blog etc. Thank you.

I try to give something back by linking out to regular readers and folk who’ve linked to me. But I’m hoping I’ll be able to do a bit more than that in the future. I’m in the process of putting together a proper marketing plan for this blog, so hopefully I’ll be able to pass some more linklove back to all of you.

Blog Marketing Changes

In the past, every couple of months or so, I’ve been writing massive resource posts. They take a lot of time to write but they’re usually a good blog marketing exercise, as they receive a heap of traffic from social networks. But this month things have changed and I’m wondering if long resource posts are still the way to go.

Since May, 43 Amazing Resources For Writers” was a massive traffic generator. But 7 Ways to Cover Your Ass In Business has knocked it off the top spot, receiving 16,599 page views, over the last 16 days.

This surprised me, as I expected 47 Brilliant Blog Marketing Resources to do better, but it came nowhere near.

So, I’m not sure if it’s the end of a trend, or if social networking folks prefer articles on business or writing, as opposed to blogging. Skellie has written an interesting article which discusses blogpost trends, which is worth checking out: Number + Adjective + Contents: What Happens When A Formula Dies?

Changing Views On Using Titles That Stand Out For Blog Marketing Purposes

I’ve been quite lazy about SEO as part of my blog marketing strategy in the past. Often, I preferred to use titles that stood out, to attract folk who are browsing their feed reader, or social networkers. Trouble is, those weird and wonderful titles can bring some totally irrelevant traffic to your blog. This months, I’ve received far too many visitors who’ve typed sex on a plane, into their browser, following this meme I participated in: Swimming Naked, Biscuits and Sex On A Plane.

To me, that’s just a waste of my time and theirs. But what really made me decide to cut back on the outrageous titles were the folk arriving at my site after keying in “kids swimming naked” and worse. None of us want those types on our blogs, so if you’re on the fence re: using SEO as part of your blog marketing strategy, remember that it’s more likely to bring you visitors who are looking for what you’re offering.

Entrecard As A Blog Marketing Tool

Earlier in the week, I joined Entrecard, upon the recommendation of Valerie Morrison. It’s too early to say how effective it’s going to be as a blog marketing tool, but I’ll monitor it and let you know if it seems worthwhile. And if you’re already a member, you might be interested to know that because I’m new, it only costs 32 credits to advertise on my blog right now. I think it’s a bit of a bargain, as it could send you a heap of traffic. Also, I don’t put my ads way down the page like some folk seem to do.

What blog marketing strategies have you used so far and which ones worked best?

47 Brilliant Blog Marketing Resources

September 7, 2008

Blog marketing is essential, if you want to drive swarms of traffic to your blog. And if you’re struggling to put a good blog marketing campaign together, check out these 47 great resources and start getting more blog traffic today.

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Free Viral Marketing Ebook: Amazing free ebook that shows you how to get swarms of blog traffic using viral marketing. This is a must read.

8 Useful Tips For Building Your Mommy Blog Into A Business: Vered of Momgrind shares some great tips and marketing ideas for those who run a mommy blog.

The Mentos & Diet Coke Experiment:
In this awesome video, Steve Spangler shows how his Mentos and Diet coke experiment turned into a YouTube sensation and how he leveraged it for his own marketing purposes.

Self Starters Weekly Tips Discussion Forum - A great forum which helps you learn the difference between blogs and websites that cost you money and websites that make you money. There’s so brilliant marketing advice here.

Blog Marketing: Top Article Directory List:
If you want to use article marketing to drive traffic to your website or blog, check out this excellent list and make sure you’re submitting your work to the best directories.

Are You Making One Of These 6 Marketing Mistakes?
Avoid the marketing mistakes that will waste your time and money.

How To Build A High Traffic Website Or Blog: Steve Pavlina gets more blog traffic in a day than many people get in a year. And he shares how he does it in this excellent blog marketing article.

Social Networking: 10 Reasons Why Twitter Folk Unfriend You
- Social networking should be an important part of your blog marketing strategy. But lots of folk get it wrong and Liz Strauss explains how to avoid this.

Understanding The Difference Between Sales And Marketing:
Many new bloggers and webmasters come unstuck because they don’t understand the difference between sales and marketing. Don’t let that happen to you - check out this excellent explanation.

How To Get Noticed:
Standing out among the millions of websites and blog can be a challenge. Jeremiah Owyang shares some great advice to help you get noticed online and drive more traffic to your blog.

How I’ve Made Thousands of Dollars From Blog Marketing With Free Reports:
Josh Spaulding is an expert at blog marketing. Check out his detailed article on marketing your blog or website using free reports.

Is A Blog The Best Marketing Tool For Your Business? Kathy at Virtual Impax shows you how to decide whether a blog is the best marketing tool for your business.

Internet Marketing For Writers:
Excellent video discussing the best ways to promote your writing online.

The Insane Guide To Rapid Blog Growth:
Jonathan Fields explains why insanity might be your best weapon when it comes to marketing your blog.

Blog Marketing Resources 16-32

No Money For Marketing Your Blog - No Problem

Piggyback Marketing On A Zero Budget:
Are you struggling to raise enough cash to market your blog effectively? Don’t worry, you can piggyback on the marketing efforts of others.

8 Mistakes Bloggers Make While Using Twitter:
Twitter is a great networking site and it can really help your blog marketing strategy, if you use it properly. Just make sure you’re not making these crucial mistakes.

Blog Marketing With SEO Book: Learning some basic search optimization skills, at the very least, is essential if you want customers to drive traffic to your blog. IMHO, SEO book is the best resource on the market for learning search engine optimization.

Marketing Tips Learned From The 8 Day Mystery Challenge:
Bobette Kyle shares some great marketing tips she discovered, whilst watching Court TV’s 8 Day Mystery challenge.

Sex Shop Marketing: Learn marketing mistakes to avoid, from Naomi’s observations of her local sex shop.

Marketing Sherpa’s Viral Marketing Hall of Fame 2008:
If you’re interested in learning about viral marketing to grab more blog traffic, you may want to take a look at these 10 successful viral marketing campaigns of 2008.

John Chow on Affiliate Marketing: A video interview with John Chow on Affiliate Marketing and how to treat “Super Affiliates”.

35 Powerful Ways To Get Noticed:
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Famous Marketing Blunders: If you’re hoping to attract blog traffic from countries other than your own, you may want to check out some of these marketing blunders first. For example, Electrolux used the following tagline in an American campaign: “Nothing Sucks Like An Electrolux”.

6 Ways To Get More Involved In The Blog Marketing Community: Mitch Joel explains that you need to get involved in the marketing community, if you want to get more blog traffic, to help you grow your business.

4 Ways To Market Your Business Online: If you’re new to online marketing, Susan Hauser shows you how to get started and get traffic to your website or blog.

Internet Marketing: Are You Forgetting Something?
More blog traffic isn’t always the answer. Don’t overlook these people when putting together your marketing plan - it will save you a lot of time and money.

Free Market Research For Your Home Based Business: Before you can begin marketing your blog or website, a lot of research is needed, or you won’t know how to reach your market and you could wind up attracting the wrong traffic to your blog. Spare yourself a lot of time and money by checking out these free research resources.

Creative Brainstorming Techniques: Looking for innovative ways to market your website or blog? Why not try out these creative brainstorming techniques, to help you get more blog traffic than you can handle.

An Interview With MySpace Marketing Expert:
Want to get as much blog traffic as MySpace? Check out this interesting audio interview with Steve Isner - MySpace’s marketing expert.

Using Viral Video In Small Business Marketing: If you’re interested in using viral video to get more blog traffic, this podcast at Duct Tape Marketing is a must.

10K PPC Experiment: If you want to try using a pay per click marketing campaign, to drive traffic to your blog or website, check out Shoemoney’s awesome advice.

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30 Blog Traffic Generation Tips: An excellent compilation of marketing tips to drive traffic to your blog.

Reaching The Offline Customer:
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Do You Have A Blog Commenting Strategy? Caroline Middlebrook attracted a huge amount of traffic to her blog by developing a powerful commenting strategy.

TagBiz: Create a free business card to attach to your Facebook profile and emails.

Content Based Social Media Marketing:
Excellent video showing how to use YouTube for content based social media marketing.

Automate Your Marketing: Online marketing wizard, Willie Crawford, explains how to save time by automating some of your blog marketing efforts.

4 Useless Link Building Practices
: Link building is a good way to drive traffic to your website or blog. But not all link building strategies are great and here’s 4 you should avoid at all costs.

Developing Tactical Knowledge on Social Media Websites:
Great advice on how to develop a long term social media marketing strategy for your blog.

How To Write A Marketing Plan - A free step by step guide to writing a marketing plan for your business.

Use A Press Release To Promote Your Blog Or Website: Fantastic advice on how to write and use a press release in marketing. Also includes 16 resources to submit your press release to, for distribution.

I hope these blog marketing strategies will help you drive swarms of traffic to your blog. For other blog related stuff, check out the following resources:

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