Is Blogging Dead?

November 9, 2008

Is blogging dead? According to this article by Paul Boutin of Wired it is: Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004.

So Who Killed Blogging?

According To Paul, blogging isn’t as personal as it used to be. He claims that underground marketing campaigns and journalists are drowning out the voice of the personal blogger. It just isn’t as easy for a blog to rank highly on Google for popular keyphrases anymore.

Also, Paul claims that blogging made it easy for non techie types to publish their thoughts. But they’re now turning to applications like Twitter instead.

But Isn’t All This A Bit Deja Vu?

A few years ago, it used to be easy for your blog to rank highly on Google for popular keyphrases. But this was also the case for the earlier websites. When I built my first website in the nineties, there was little competition. In fact, it was so easy to get a heap of traffic, I didn’t even bother to learn SEO. I just wanted to write and have fun.

To give you an idea how simple it was, I remember searching “Disney World” on AOL one day and discovering that I ranked number one. The Disney Company ranked below me. No wonder I had thousands of newsletter subscribers. And folk were quite happy to mail me cheques from the other side of the world and wait for their digital product to be delivered.

Could you see that happening now? I couldn’t. Things change and if you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to change too.

Is I Still Worth Starting A Blog To Promote Your Business?

If you have a business, or you want to start one, it’s essential to bring it online. And I still think a blog platform is the easiest way to do this. Using other forms of social networking, such as Twitter, is going to be just as important. But you still need a home on the Internet to bring your Twitter traffic to.

And you need to work hard and smart and learn as much about marketing your business online as possible. Then, when things do change, you won’t get trampled on by the competition.

And there’s nothing unfair about it. Millions of blogs are being launched each month. Many of them will only write a few crappy posts, then quit. Can you imagine what a mess the Internet would be, if they could easily rank at the top of the search engines for popular keyphrases?

What If You Don’t Have Time To Put In All That Work?

If you don’t have time to put in much effort, wouldn’t it be easier just to use social networks? Social networks are becoming more sophisticated. Imagine if your Twitter profile was more like a blog. It would probably be easy to forget about blogging and keep everything on Twitter right?

I’ve thought about that a lot. It seems like a great idea and it would eventually bring social network owners a lot of money. But what about you and your business?

Social Networks Could Become The Free Hosts Of Tomorrow

The trouble is, many of todays social networks remind me a lot of the old free webhosting services. I had one, so did many others. Obviously, social networks are more sophisticated but you’d still be hosting your web presence on someone else’s space.

And today, nobody in their right mind would dream of hosting their business website on a free webhost. So if you relied on one social network to promote your business, what would happen to you, if today’s social networks became yesterday’s free webhosts?

What do you think? Is blogging dead? Or can those who make the effort still thrive? And will social networks become the freehosts of tomorrow?

I’d like to thank John Hoff of EventureBiz for passing the Wired article along to me. John provides a personalized webhosting service for bloggers. And he takes some of the headaches out of setting up your Wordpress blog, including free installation of Wordpress on your domain name.

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I’m Happy To Be A SOB

November 4, 2008

I had a pretty unproductive week last week. So I was delighted when I discovered that I’ve been made an official SOB. Not the type of SOB you’re thinking though - Liz Strauss of Successful Blog has chosen me has one of her Successful And Outstanding Bloggers.

This is brilliant news for me, as I often struggle with the various different aspects of blogging - especially trying to write for the different types of people who drop by here.

Liz Strauss is the Queen of conversational blogging. And I’ve learned heaps from her, through her blog and also, from her excellent book - How To Be A Successful And Outstanding Blogger. You can check out my review of Liz’s book here: The Blogging Advice That Kept Me Up All Night.

Speaking of successful and outstanding blogs, I’d like to share some excellent things I’ve been reading recently.

First up is Betsy Wuebker’s “Ghosts”. If you’ve had enough of Halloween, don’t worry, this is no ordinary Ghost story. Betsy shares her communications with a loved one who died. It’s an astonishing story.

Next is Artur Urbanksi’s, “I Met Stalin”. This a true story about the hardships one family went through, as a result of communism. Artur’s mother took extraordinary risks to help other members of her family and Artur shares this in his amazing story. I first read, “I Met Stalin” on a blog where Artur had guest posted. But the post has now been removed and Artur has moved it to his own blog.

If you’ve had some disasterous past relationships and keep meeting “the wrong type of people”, Getting A New Relationship Story by Anna Conlan is just what you need. A friend of mine keeps making the same relationship mistakes over and over, so I found Anna’s post at an excellent time. She explains why people keep attracting folk who are wrong for them and what they can do about it.

How Much Money Does A Blog Make? $3348 An Hour

October 5, 2008

It’s official, some bloggers make as much money as footballers and rock stars. - a blog on banking, has been acquired by for $15 million. I heard the news on Virtual Impax.

Kathy from Virtual Impax really knows her stuff. She runs a course for new bloggers, or folk who want to start a blog and in it, she shares the tools she uses to find profitable keywords for your own blog. I highly recommend checking out her 8 Week Power Blog Launch course. I only wish it had been available when I began blogging.

I checked on the Wayback Machine and it looks like Bankaholic has only been around for 26 months. And what is even more surprising, is that the blog is a one man show - no employees, or outsourcing. It looks like founder John Wu does everything himself.

This is truly amazing, because aside from money he already makes from his blog, the cash from the sale is equivalent to $133,928 a week, for the time he’s put in, or $3348 per hour.

I’m guessing we’ll see hundreds of copycat banking blogs launch over the next few weeks, by folks who are desperate to make lots of money. But what about other sectors? Which industries can you see snapping up related blogs in the future? Is this acquisition a one off, or a taste of things to come? And would you start a blog with the intention of selling it for millions?

I personally can see the attraction, so long as you’re blogging on a topic you’re interested in. But I would want to make a heap of money from the sale of my blog as I wouldn’t just be giving up the brand, I suspect I’d also be giving up the rights to use my name. And I guess that if a blog relies on one person, writing under their own name, it will sell for less, as there’s a risk that the blogger could get knocked down by a truck.

Share your thoughts on flogging your blogs - I’d love to hear them.

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The Dirty Word In The Blogosphere

August 22, 2008

On my travels through the blogosphere, I’ve noticed a dirty word that keeps cropping up. And it’s not the F word - it’s money.

It seems to be everywhere I go. The topics vary but money and blogging always seem to be connected in some way. Like in these articles:
“How Can I Make Money From Blogging?”,
I Don’t Read Blogs With Too Many Ads/Monetized Too Soon,
Advertising Alternatives For Bloggers,
How Top Bloggers Earn Money,
Use A Blog As A Powerful Marketing Tool.

And when it comes to money, there seems to be many different types of blogger, including these ones:

1) The Blog Whores: The ones that want to make a heap of cash and don’t care what they write.

2) The Creative Bloggers: The ones that love writing and hope to monetize their blogs eventually.

3) The Brand Bloggers: The ones who are aiming to use their blog to promote a product or service eventually.

4) The Diary Bloggers: The ones who just blog for fun, or blog about their daily lives.

5) The Savvy Bloggers: The ones who are already making money through their blogs.

6) The Anxious Bloggers: The ones who would like to make money from their blog but don’t want to admit it, incase it drives their readers away.

7) The Dumb Bloggers: The ones who are disgusted at the idea that anyone would want to make money from their blog.

If you were working 20 hours a week - you’d expect some sort of payment or reward eventually. You’d deserve it - so why should blogging be different? Did you ever hear anyone say, “I love Oprah, but I’m not going to watch her program anymore because she gets paid for working?”

Lets face it, if you have no plans for your blog, other than for other people to read what you’ve written, then you’ve got to have one huge ego.

And, although you’re unlikely to generate much money, or publicity from blogging in your first year or two, it can certainly pay off for those who are persistent, including these bloggers, who were featured on business week.

What do you think? I know people don’t want to share their plans on the Internet. But do you hope to use your blog to make money eventually - either directly or indirectly. Or do you think it’s a terrible sin?

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