47 Amazing Bucket List Ideas & Resources

December 27, 2008

Since the release of the film - The Bucket List many people are looking for ideas and resources, to create their own bucket lists. If you, haven’t seen the film, a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die.

The idea is that if we write things down, we’re more likely to achieve our goals. And if that appeals to you, you should check out these amazing bucket list ideas and resources.

47 Amazing Bucket List Ideas

1. How To Create And Manage Your “Bucket List” Before You Kick: 8 Great tips by Tatsuya Nakagawi for creating and managing a meaningful bucket list.

2. The Best Wildlife Experiences: If seeing amazing wildlife, is an important part of your bucket list, World Reviewer shares the top 10 wildlife experiences in the world.

3. Free Resources For Learning A Foreign Language: If learning a foreign language is your idea of fun, Brave New Traveller have put together 8 free resources for learning a foreign language.

4. Unconventional Money Saving Tips: If you need to save money to fund some of the items on your bucket list, JD at Get Rich Slowly offers 10 uncoventional money saving tips and ideas.

5. Get Famous: If achieving fame is going to be a part of your bucket list, check out 10 Ways To Get Famous by Michael Aaron Gallagher, of StayFamous.net.

6. Spiritual Experiences: If Spiritual experiences are important to you, check out International Spiritual experiences for information on spiritual experiences throughout the world.

7. The Most Famous Mountains To Climb Before You Die: If you want to get a few mountains under your belt, before you kick the bucket, choose from the best on Forbes Traveller.

8. The Life List Of The World’s Greatest Goal Achiever: John Goddard made a list of 127 things he wanted to do before he died, when he was only 15. He has now achieved most of them. You can check out his list here, to get some bucket list ideas.

9. The 7 Wonders Of The World: If you want to include visits to some of the Seven Wonders of the World on your bucket list - check out these images on National Geographic. The ancient 7 wonders and the new 7 wonders are included.

10. The Best Museums in The World: Want to include visits to some of the World’s best museums in your bucket list? Then check out the ten best museums in the World.

11. The World’s Best Festivals: If you want to visit one or two great festivals before you die, Rough Guides have put together the top 10 World Festivals. From the Phillipines to Glastonbury, there’s sure to be one that appeals to you.

12. Top Ten Concert Halls: From the Sydney Opera House to Walt Disney’s Concert Hall in Los Angeles, you’re sure to find one that you’d love to visit.

13. Creating A Bucket List - 100 Things To Do Before You Die: The title of this massive Squidoo lens by Marelisa Fabrega is misleading. She is constantly adding Bucket List ideas to her lens and there’s sure to be some to inspire you. Currently, Marelisa has 360 Bucket List Ideas including sporting activities, adventures, travel, learning and hitting the big time.

14. Break A World Record: If breaking a world record is something you’d like to add to your bucket list, browse exisiting world records in the Guinness Book Of World Records and get some ideas on how you can become a record breaker.

15. The Olympic Games:
Is watching, or participating in some of the events at the Olympic Games something you want to do before you kick the bucket? Check out details of the next Olympic Games in Vancouver in just over 400 days time and details of more future Olympic events at the official site.

16. Find A Hobby: If starting a new hobby is something you’d like to add to your bucket list - FindMeAHobby.com has hundreds of great hobby ideas.

17. Become a Spy: If you fancy yourself as a spy, check out how to do it and the benefits and drawback of being a spy, before you add it to your bucket list.

18. The Best Books Ever: If reading some of the best books ever, will be included in your bucket list, check out some of the following lists to help find what you’re looking for: The Big Read - The BBC shares reader nominations of the best books ever. The Lord of the Rings comes out top; The Observer’s 100 Greatest Novels of All Time; 100 Classic Novels; The New Classics 1983 to 2008.

19. American Road Trips 101: If taking a great American Road Trip is going to be included in your bucket list, American Road Trips 101, is a great planning resource.

20. Become An Internet Entrepreneur:
Start your own online business and travel the world as you work.

21. Visit The Top Twenty Islands:
If you have secret dreams of becoming a pirate, visit the top twenty islands in the world. The chosen islands are measured on the following criteria: activities, beaches, cultural sites, lodging, restaurants and scenery.

22. 107 Great Resources To Unleash The Entrepreneur Within You: If becoming a great entrepreneur is going to be included in your bucket list, you need to check out this massive resource, which I put together earlier this year.

23. Budget Travel Guide: If you’re including a lot of travel on your bucket list, this great budget travel guide by HoboTraveler will give you some great ideas for saving money on travel.

24. Top Ten Most Haunted:
If the idea of bumping into a ghost excites you, a tour of the World’s Top Ten Most Haunted places wold be a great addition to your bucket list.

25. Go On A Cruise: If you want to add a dream cruise to your bucket list, Cruise Critic is a massive cruise resource, with cruise reviews and a huge discussion forum.

26. Join A Circus:
If joining a circus is one of your bucket list ideas, check out this guide. It shows you how to pick and perfect a circus talent, go to circus school and get a job.

27. Dreams Of The Big Screen: Do you yearn for a career in Hollywood? Check out these ten tips to help you get your first Hollywood Job.

28. Live In Another Part Of The World: If living in another part of the world is going to be on your bucket list, check out some of these resources: Immigrating: Choosing Where To Go and Is This The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Dream?

29. Become An Amazing Writer: If becoming a great non-fiction writer or novelist is to feature on your bucket list, check out 43 Amazing Resources for Writers. You won’t be disappointed. The article was the most popular article on this blog in 2008.

30. The World’s 50 Best Walks: If you love walking you may want to add some of these great walks to your bucket list. The Times Online have featured the 50 best walks in the world from the UK to Costa Rica - complete with descriptions and difficulty guides.

31. Awesome Winter Sports:
If you’re burning to add some great winter sports to your bucket list, check out the World’s Top Destinations for snow sports.

32. Become A Monk, Or A Nun: If becoming a monk or a nun sounds like a great bucket list idea, check out this great resource, which covers topics such as entering the buddhist path, ordination and how to support yourself.

33. Tour Europe On A Shoestring: Take a few months out and tour Europe without needing to rob a bank. There’s some great tips and ideas in this Lonely Planet forum.

34. Learn About The Stockmarket: If you want to add understanding the stockmarket to your bucket list, you could start with these 10 Stockmarket Investment Tips For Beginners.

35. Volunteer To Help In Other Countries: If you’d like to volunteer to help others and learn about their culture, check out United Planet. They have programs in 50 countries, which last between 1 week and a year.

36. Learn About Astronomy:
If learning about astronomy is going to be an important part of your bucket list, you could begin with Astronomy for beginners, to discover things like the best equipment to use and what is worth seeing.

37. The Best Art Galleries In The World:
If visiting the world’s best art galleries is worthy of a place on your list, make sure you choose the best. The Louvre in Paris and The Hermitage in Saint Petersburg are among the top ten on this list.

38. 99 Experiences Of A Life Well Lived:
For more inspiration for your bucket list, check out Kelly Rigby’s awesome list which includes holding a spider or a snake, or buying a stranger a meal.

39. The Ten Best Rollercoasters On Earth: If you love rollercoasters, you might want to add a ride on the ten best rollercoasters on Earth to your bucket list.

40. Become Enlightened: If becoming enlightened is important to you, you might want to add it to your bucket list and begin with Enlightenment.net or Pathway To Happiness.

41. The Works Of A Classical Composer:
If you’re adding becoming familiar with the complete works of a classical composer or two to your bucket list, check out this resource. It has info on great classical composers and complete lists of their works.

42. Complete The World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle:
The world’s largest jigsaw puzzle, Life: The Great Challenge by Royce B McClure has 24000 pieces. If you like puzzles, completing this one could be a great challenge to add to your bucket list. But you’ll need plenty of space to do it, as it’s over 14 foot long.

43. Top 100 Movies: If you love movies, why not add watching the 100 greatest movies of all time, to your bucket list.

44. Become An Explorer: If you’re an explorer at heart, you could add one of the voyages of Christopher Columbus to your list. This resources lists the places he visited on each voyage.

45. Develop Your Psychic Ability: Everyone has the potential to become psychic. If this sounds like something you’d like to develop, check out this excellent guide on how to develop your psychic ability.

46. Grow Prize Winning Giants:
If growing prize winning giant vegetables is something you’d want to add to your bucket list, check out this useful advice.

47. Become A Screenwriter: If you have a burning ambition to write an oscar winning film, discover how to become a screenwriter in ten easy steps.

Do you have your own bucket list, or are you thinking about starting one? Please share some of your bucket list ideas in the comments section.

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Don’t Draw Your Ideas From The Big Melting Pot Of Confusion

November 2, 2008

Theres too many men
Too many people
Making too many problems
And not much love to go round
Cant you see
This is a land of confusion.

Mike Rutherford - Land of Confusion by Genesis

Have you ever witnessed what happens when too many people become involved in one problem, or discussion? At best, it usually causes one big melting pot of confusion and it can sometimes lead to outright chaos. And it just doesn’t happen in business, it happens in life too.

You get a combination of people voicing strong opinions, chinese whispers, misunderstandings, average ideas, folk not wanting to take sides, other people wanting to stir the pot. And what started off as something small escalates into a riot.

I’ve seen this happen a lot on the Internet recently and it led to the equivalent of a massive bar brawl on one blog and an extremely talented writer has stopped blogging as a result. (*If you heard about it - please DON’T feel free to talk about it in the comments section - as far as I’m concerned, the party’s over).

Getting other people’s opinions and brainstorming is a great way to solve problems, or come up with great ideas. But at the same time, you should never let other people’s opinions hamper your creativity.

At the beginning of the year, I began a novel. A few chapters in, I took the advice of a few other people and changed it completely. But 30,000 words later, I realised I hated the changes. What began as something meaningful and thought provoking, turned into nothing more than plot driven drivel.

In the end, I stopped writing and now, I’ve got to start all over again.

So whether you’re trying to find a solution to a problem, or come up with new ideas, involve other people and brainstorm as much as you like. But don’t do it at the expense of your own ideas and originality.

Remember, some of the folk who give their input may never aspire to be anything more than average. And you can’t possibly achieve anything worthwhile by taking on average ideas.

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Why Some Of The Best Business Ideas Suck

October 26, 2008

Some of the best business ideas suck. Or at least, some people probably thought they did at one point. You see, coming up with business ideas isn’t really all that difficult. But choosing the best business ideas from the ones you do come up with and having the courage to believe in yourself is far more challenging.

The Business Ideas That Couldn’t Remain Secret

“And the things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those that got there first.”
Steven Tyler

When you’re trying to come up with business ideas - don’t forget, you’re not the only one. So, if you do think of something that seems to be the best idea since the paperclip, be prepared to act upon it quickly.

A few years ago, I thought it might be a smart idea to write a modern version of Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. I would turn it into something that was easy for the majority of the Western world to understand.

But I decided it wasn’t one of my best ideas, as I could be accused of ripping off the original book. So I scrapped it. Then a couple of years later “The Secret” was released and the author did amazingly well.

So write down all your best business ideas, no matter how stupid they seem. Then do your research and prepare to act on them quickly. If you don’t - somebody else will. We all get our business ideas from the same sources, so the first to act will almost always win.

Also, if you do what I did and don’t act on a great business idea you had, don’t cry about it. You’ll never have the time to put all your best business ideas into practise. Just take it as confirmation that your ideas can and will work

Don’t Let Other’s Put A Dampner On Your Best Business Ideas

Do your own research to test the viability of your best business ideas. And get feedback from folk you know but remember, no matter how popular and successful these people are, they’re probably not in your line of business and may know very little about it.

In an interview I read on Forbes.com a couple of years ago, they asked a billionaire businessman about the worst business idea he’d ever heard. He said some guy wanted to build a themepark for adults and children. To him the idea was ridiculous. But it went ahead and the themepark was Disneyland, which turned out to be one of the best business ideas in the world (sorry, I can’t find the original interview. Life’s too short to dig potatoes).

You Have Access To The Best Business Ideas In The World - Don’t Waste Your Time On Crap

“Men spend their whole lives
Waiting praying for their big reward
But it seems sometimes
The payoff leaves you feeling
Like a dirty whore.”
Jon Bon Jovi (Dry County)

As I said, coming up with business ideas is not that difficult. You have access to some of the best business ideas ever, so why waste your time on crap? You don’t need to exploit others, or lend your talent to something meaningless to be successful. If you put your effort into something that doesn’t give value to others, or even harms other people, you might make a lot of money but I doubt whether you’ll ever feel like a success.

Choose the business ideas that mean the most to you and makes best use of your talents.

And if you find it a struggle to come up with your own great business ideas, check out the Business Discovery Group. A couple of readers have already enjoyed the benefits of this excellent brainstorming group and I’m sure you will too.

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