Protect Your Financial Security In Uncertain Times

December 13, 2008

Financial security is important to most of us right now. It’s not that we’re greedy. Many of us just want to be able to protect our families finances in these uncertain times.

Here’s What Happens When You Leave Your Financial Security In The Hands Of Someone Else

Fifteen years ago, I discovered what happens when you leave your financial security in the hands of someone else. I was injured in a horrific attack, which stopped me from working for a long time. As well as being a student nurse, I had a part-time job. Well, I knew that I’d lose my part-time wage while I was ill. But I was foolish enough to believe that the government would protect the little people like me, who only got a measly nurse training bursary of £360 a month.

I was wrong - they gave me one month of sick pay and after that I was on my own. To make matters worse, I discovered I was pregnant. And the bank were pressurising me to pay the £500 overdraft I’d ran up, just trying to pay the mortgage. Basically, I was in the shit up to my eyeballs.

So, when I began to recover from the illness, I decided there was no way I would trust anyone else with the financial security of my family ever again. And I started my first online business.

Now, you might not find yourself in the same position I did - and I really hope you don’t. But it made me realise that health is not something you can take for granted - no matter how young you are. And in these uncertain times, you need to do everything you can to protect your financial security.

Starting An Online Business Is Easier Now

When I started my first online business, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Lucky for me - most other people didn’t either, so I wasn’t the only one with a website that sucked. But there are better alternatives now.

One of them is Site Build It. I wish it had been available when I built my first website. It would have saved me thousands. Site Build it is more than just a website builder. It’s an online business course in a box. And it also includes a domain name, web hosting and everything else you’ll ever need to start and run a small business.

And from now, until 25th December, Site Build it are running a special 2 for 1 offer on their online business subscriptions. So, if you’ve been toying with the idea of starting an online business, in your spare time - to protect the financial security of your family, now might be the time to stop thinking and start doing.

What Makes Site Build It Different?

The thing that makes Site Build It so different, is that it includes everything you need to develop the skills to get your online business up and running. And everything is included for one low cost.

Over the years, I’ve tried several different website building packages and bought SEO tools and books, web hosting, internet marketing courses and countless different ebooks. But you get everything you need with Site Build It, at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t just take my word on how great this system is. Here’s what some successful Site Build It business owners are saying:

It’s been over a year now since I started my first website, which ranks within the top 1% of sites on the net and receives up to 1500 visitors per day. I now have a second site, and plans for a third before the summer of this year. I no longer work from home in the evenings and my income is constantly growing. Right now, it’s double what I was making when I was standing behind a chair.
~ >Michelle Schill

When you first start, you think… “Ok, maybe I will make some extra money. I never really thought that SBI! would help me, live my life like I mean to live it.
~ >Luisa Cupeles

After doing three sites and talking to hundreds of people, I know that SBI! is perfect for most small businesses. Actually, it’s the best. Look at me. I have gone from asphalt man, stuck in an old world business with no future, to “digital man” whose life knows no limits.
~ Judd Burdon

And here’s some of the benefits of starting a online business with Site Build It:

You don’t need to have an online business idea. Brainstorm It is powerful software included with Site Build It, to help you choose the best niche for you and find the best keywords.

You avoid making expensive mistakes. After you’ve used Brainstorm It, Niche Build It helps to ensure that you’ve chosen the right niche for you and the best path to take, in developing your online business.

You get help with ways to make money from your site. If you’ve never ran a business before, coming up with the best ways to make money online can be challenging. Monetize It helps you choose the best ways to make money from your website.

You don’t need any technical knowledge.
Building your site with Site Build It is easy. You don’t need to learn html and the special software trains you to build a site which is attractive to humans and search engines.

You don’t need any design skills.
And you don’t need to pay a professional designer to give your site a polished professional look. Site Build It comes with professional quality templates. And later on, if you do want to learn more about design - it’s compatible with design software such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

You don’t have to worry about making the wrong choices. Site Build it comes with a domain name analyzer, web hosting and all the tools you need to bring lots of visitors to your site.

You don’t need to buy any additional tools. Everything from list building, to autoresponders is included. Plus, you can easily turn your website into a blog if you want, or add forums, shopping carts and user generated content.

It comes with a guarantee. You can try Site Build It for 30 days and if you’re not 100% impressed, you get your money back.

Special Two For One Offer. And don’t forget, if you invest in starting an online business with Site Build It before December 25th, you get two subscriptions for the price of one.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you start two online businesses at the same time. You have a few options. Site Build It will allow you to start one subscription now and begin the free one within 9 months, allowing you time to get one online business up and running, before you start the second one.

Or you could share the subscription cost with a friend, which means you both get to start an online business for half price. Or you could keep one subscription for yourself and give the other to a friend or loved one for Christmas.

Check out this page to take advantage of the special offer and learn more about protecting your financial security with a Site Build It online business.

Still not convinced that Site Build It is right for you? Why not check out the videos below, so that you can be sure that you’re making the right decision.

Click here to read case studies on people like you, who have built successful online businesses with Site Build It.

Be A Business Success Story, No Matter What Your Age

October 7, 2008

You can be a business success story, no matter how old you are. Online business has broken all age barriers that may have limited your chances of success in the past. And now, everybody from teenagers to pensioners has a level playing ground.

Recently, I read this amazing story about 75 year old Jerrold Foutz. He added Google Adsense to his website - four years ago and makes $25,000 a year, which equals his Boeing retirement cheque. You should check out his site. It’s another great example of how even the worst looking websites can make money.

And Hope Pryor didn’t let “empty nest syndrome” get her down after her kids left home. Instead, she achieved business success by putting her favourite recipes online at her Cooks Recipe site and now makes $90,000 a year, mostly from Google Adsense.

But it’s not just the oldies who’ve found online business success. The story of Ashley Qualls hit the headlines last year. At seventeen years old, she became a millionaire, through her online business, WhateverLife, which she started at the age of 14, with $8.

Ben Cathers wasn’t even a teenager when he started his first online advertising agency. The twelve year old built the business until he had two offices and ten employees then sold it. Since then, he’s had several business successes - he also owned a syndicated radio show and a search engine technology company - all before he was twenty years old. Ben is 24 now and he has more projects on the go than most folk would take on in a lifetime.

There’s no doubt that the Internet has made it possible for folk of all ages to become a business success story. After all - we don’t often see the face of a person behind an online business we’re dealing with.

If you were making a major purchase online, would it worry you if you discovered the business owner was 13 years old, or pushing 80? Or would you be willing to give the business a chance, so long as they delivered what they promised?

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Internet Branding: Did You Screw Up Too?

February 13, 2008

Internet Branding
Image by Sarah Jane

Internet branding is important. And whilst there’s no doubt that a business needs a strong brand to stand out, what about you? Shouldn’t you be branding yourself too?

I read an excellent post at Wendy Piersall’s emoms at home yesterday. She mentioned the importance of branding and how her internet business took off once she branded herself and had some amazing business cards made.

Well, Wendy’s post made me think. We’ve always taken our business branding seriously and we try to make sure our logo is seen everywhere. But I missed one vital ingredient.

You see, I began blogging as a hobby. So it didn’t occur to me to brand myself; hence the unimaginative appearance of this blog. But when someone searches Catherine Lawson on the Internet, they often wind up here, instead of at my business website. And they see a dull unprofessional looking blog.

It’s too late to turn back the clock but I can change the future. So, I’m having a new blog theme professionally designed. You’ll be able to see it in a couple of weeks and I’d love to hear your feedback.

Did you start blogging as a hobby? Like me, did you think branding yourself on the Internet wasn’t necessary? What do you think now? If clients, or associates searched for you online could you live with them seeing your blog? Or do you believe branding is not important if you’re a hobby blogger?

The Recipe: 26 Practical Resources For Starting An Online Business

February 9, 2008

Lets look at the recipe - the practical tools and resources you’ll need for starting an online business. If you haven’t done so already, you might want to check out part’s 1 and 2 of the series first: Part 1 - The 7 Must Do’s Of Starting An Online Business and Part 2 - The Secret Ingredient of Online Business Success.
And if you’re serious about starting a successful online business, click here to subscribe in a reader, so that you have all these excellent resources at hand. It’s free.

These are the basic resources you’ll need to get started.

Google Plan
Image by jurvetson.

Business Planning Resources

You’d be mad to start an online business without a basic plan. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need to consist of two things - what your business will look like when it’s complete, and a map of how you’re going to get there. Check out the following business planning resources:

1. The Zen Of Business Plans: Not sure what to put in your online business plan and what you should be leaving out? Then check out The Zen of Business Plans by Guy Kawasaki.

2. Create A Simple Business Plan: You can create a simple business plan free online at

A Domain Name

Your website or blog needs a domain name. The domain name is the web address you type in your browser - eg. mine is Use the following resources to help you choose and register a domain name:

3. How To Choose A Domain Name
: This article by the Site Wizard shows you what to consider when choosing a domain name. And it discusses the pros and cons of hyphenated domain names and choosing between a .com or a .net etc.

4. Domain Name Generator: Can’t decide on a domain name for your online business? Key in a few words, and Nameboy will fire back some suggestions.

5. Registering a domain name: Once you’ve chosen a domain name, check on
to see if it is available and register it. If your chosen name is not available you may be able to back order.
also provides alternative suggestions.

Site Building Tools
Image by cogdogblog.

Tools To Build A Website:

Starting an online business takes a lot of work, so you’ll need tools that are simple to use to get the job done fast.

5. XSitePro: This software is the fastest and easiest to use site building software I’ve seen. You can read my full review of XSite Pro here to decide if it’s right for you.

6. Site Build It: This isn’t just a website building tool, it’s more like a full online business package. And many of it’s users love it. You can read my full review of Site Build It Here.

Making Your Site Look Pretty:

Check out the following tools and resources to make your site look good.

7. Website Design Tips:
Check out these great tips by Entheos for designing a website and making it load faster.

8. Banners/Headers etc:
Adobe Photoshop is what I use to make banners, headers etc. The newest version is expensive, but if you have a child or student in your family, you might want to check out the student version of Adobe Photoshop.

9. CSS Design: For some excellent examples of CSS Design, check out CSS ZenGarden.

10. Web Sites That Suck: To Discover what not to do in website design, check out the Top Ten Worst websites online in 2007 at Web Pages That Suck.

11. Learn The Basics Of Website Design: There are some great free tutorials on the basics of website design at Tutorialized.

12. Hosting: Once you’ve built your website, you’ll need a place for your online business to live on the Internet. So you need a hosting account. I prefer Bluehost
as you can add extras such as blogs and forums with the touch of a button.

Getting a Wordpress Blog For Your Online Business

If you want a blog to like this one to attach to your website, I recommend wordpress. Check out the following resources to learn how to install and use wordpress:

13. Wordpress Tutorials:
Check out these Wordpress tutorials on YouTube, to learn everything from installing Wordpress to inserting images and creating links. Thank you Barbara at Blogging Without A Blog for making me aware of this resource.

14. Instant Installation: If you want to keep your Wordpress installation simple, do what I did and use a host like Bluehost
, which has fantastico plugins. This will enable you to install Wordpress with the touch of a button.

15. 5 Ways To Sex Up Your Blog:
Improve your online business blog with these great tips from Performancing.

16. Getting Subscribers For Your Blog:
Great article by Skellie on how to get 1050 blog subscribers in three months.

Networking Tips For Your Online Business

17. Build Traffic To Your Site With Social Networking:
You’ll want to drive plenty of targeted traffic to your online business. And to do this, you’ll need to learn about social networking. And you can learn all you need to know from Maki at Dosh Dosh - The King of Social Networking. His great resources include: Social Media Marketing In A Nutshell; 48 Social News Websites;
and How To Win The Hearts of Digg Users.

18. Is Networking Online Really That Different: The Duct Tape Marketing Blog discusses business networking online and gives some great tips and advice.


19. Which Directories To Choose? Once you’ve built your website, you’ll want to list it in a few directories. The trouble is, there’s hundreds out there and some are just not as good as others. Astrit at SEO Optimisation narrows it down for you, by focusing on the handful of directories you should consider submitting to.

20. Getting Listed In DMOZ: The most important directory to get your site listed in is DMOZ. But, speak to a few webmaster about DMOZ and you’ll soon discover that getting listed is about as easy as hopping ten miles with a small hippo strapped to your back. Check out 5 Basic Tips For DMOZ Listings at Search Engine Journal and hopefully it will be easier for you.

Starting a Discussion Forum For Your Online Business

21. WikiHow To Start A Forum: Check out this WikiHow Guide for straightforward tips on starting a discussion forum.

22. Admin Zone: If you’re serious about starting a forum for your online business, Admin Zone is a great place to get valuable tips and info.

Writing Content

Content is likely to make up a huge part of your website. Check out the helpful resources below to brush up on your writing skills:

23. Cut The Clutter: Writing coach Joanna Young shares 20 tips to cut your words and help to save the planet.

24. Your Reader Needs To Know These 5 Things: Michael Fortin explains the 5 things your reader needs to know before they’ll buy from your online business.

25. Make Your Headlines Sizzle Cosmo Style: Writing a great headline is essential, if you want people to read your words. Copyblogger explains how to use Cosmopolitan Magazine to find inspiration for your own headlines.

26. 10 Tips For Writing Bookmarkable Content: You’ll want people to come back to your site. So check out these 10 tips to make sure they do, at Daily Blog Tips.

I hope these resources give you a shortcut to starting an online business.

Click here to subscribe to this blog in a reader, so that you don’t miss out on great tips for building your online business. It’s free.

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