Social Media Sites Of The Future

August 31, 2008

If we could fast forward to social media sites of the future, I wonder what we’d see? And what impact will they have on the world in general?

I don’t doubt the fact that social media is here to stay. After all, it seems that almost everyone is using Twitter, Stumbling, Digging and connecting on Facebook, Bebo or LinkedIn. And because folk need to encourage others to join, for the benefit of the network - many social media sites become viral and grow at a rapid rate.

Bebo was targeted primarily at kids - mostly from the UK. Yet only 3 years after it’s launch, it was sold to AOL for over $800 million. LinkedIn has over 8 million members and Facebook is the biggest and fastest growing of all social media sites with over 132 million members.

I think we’re only catching a glimpse of the full potential of social media right now. And I guess anyone who can see five years into the future, could make themselves a fortune. But lets have a bit of fun. What will social media look like five years down the line?

I’m guessing that as well as some of the large sites we’re seeing now, there will be many smaller niche groups and like minded folk will use them to connect and share ideas. Also, I wonder if we’ll see more life like interaction in the future. A bit like they have on sites such as Runescape, but less cartoon like, with more realistic representations of ourselves.

Where do you see social media sites going in the future? And more importantly - what would you like to see?

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Are You Lost In Social Networking?

August 1, 2008

Using some of the social networking sites, such as Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon is one of the best ways to meet new people and network on the Internet.

But, I really get lost on some of the social networking sites. Some people tend to use different user names and pictures and it can be a real struggle to find some of the people you know.

Do you struggle to find people too? Then why not share your social networking profiles with others in this community by adding them in the comments section? It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been here hundreds of times or if it’s your first visit.

My Digg Username: Lafinachu
My Twitter Username: CathLawson

I’m banned from StumbleUpon, but leave your username, if you’re a member, so others can see them.

Social Networks v Content - Who Is King?

March 4, 2008

Content is King
Image by Mike Lao

Do you spend most of your working week creating excellent content for your business website or blog? After all, content is King isn’t it? 19,100,000 Google search results say it is and surely all those people can’t be wrong.

So, can excellent content alone drive a significant amount of traffic to your online business; or is it just wishful thinking? Well, according to top business coach, Liz Strauss, “Good makes some folks think that the world will eventually come to them.” And surely it’s a bit unrealistic to expect people to find you among millions of other websites, just because you’re good?

Skellie, the superstar Freelance Writer doesn’t believe excellent content will drive hordes of people to your website. She claims that it wasn’t outstanding content that enabled the most popular blogs to rise to the top; it was their participation in social networks. also believe in the power of social networks and they claim that online retailers saw their web traffic from social networks increase by 153% in the first nine months of 2007.

It could be argued that Internet traffic from social networks is not beneficial to an online business. After all, visitors from StumbleUpon and Digg don’t tend to hang round a website for long, before moving on to the next. But because these social networking sites send masses of people to online businesses, stats soar and the site is perceived by others as popular. And, when something appears fashionable, it becomes a self fullfilling prophecy.

I’ve noticed many complaints on forums and blog comments recently, from people who feel that it is unfair to manipulate the social networking sites to drive traffic to your blog. But, how is it different to any other form of marketing? Businesses pay to advertise on websites, pay for Google Adwords campaigns and optimise their sites for search engine traffic. So is social networking any different?

What is your view on this? Do you belive that you have more chance of survival if you put most of your efforts into producing exceptional content for your website? Or do you prefer to produce content that is just good enough and spend the remainder of your time networking and marketing your business?

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