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September 6, 2008

There’s been a lot of talk about viral marketing lately. Many of us would love to work out a way to send heaps of traffic to our website, or blog, using a viral method. Trouble is, folk who’ve had success with viral marketing seem to be in a small minority. So where does that leave people like you and me?

To be honest, I’d always thought of viral marketing as something interesting to discuss, but virtually impossible to do. Then I read about an amazing viral ebook, on Liz Strauss’s Successful Blog. Now, if anyone else had recommended this viral book, I might have been skeptical. But I know Liz is smart and trustworthy, so I thought I’d check the book out.

And I have to say, I was blown away. The guy who wrote the book is a marketing genius. One reviewer described the book as “The greatest viral marketing idea of all time” and I’m inclined to agree.

What amazed me, was that the author allowed me to download the book for free, no strings, he didn’t even take my email address. And I was even more surprised when he showed me how I could actually make money, using his book.

I opted to buy some of the extras, to enable me to start my own viral campaign. But you don’t have to do that - the book is free. If you want to discover how to use viral marketing to drive swarms of traffic to your blog, or website, click here to download your free copy now.

I’ve added a “Things I Like” section to this site. It’s mostly about fun things to do and things that help me learn and I’ll update it roughly once a week. But I’m not selling stuff on there, so I won’t take paid reviews are bribes. The section will only cover things I consider to be brilliant and the things I’ve added already are: Travel To Mexico, Segway Human Transporter, Walt Disney World and The Secret To Writing A Successful and Outstanding Blog.

If you added a “Things I Like” section to your blog, what sort of things would you add?

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Why Viral Marketing May Not Work For You

September 3, 2008

Almost every new or budding business owner I talk to seems to be obsessed with viral marketing. And many of them hope it is going to “happen” to their business. And that’s great - trouble is, I’ve seen very few successful viral marketing campaigns. And they rarely just happen - they’re engineered.

A viral marketing campaign just wouldn’t work for most types of business, at all because they’re missing a special ingredient. And it’s not that their business isn’t good enough. In fact word of mouth marketing would work well for most of these businesses. But to me, there’s a huge difference between word of mouth marketing and viral marketing and it has a lot to do with the special ingredient I mentioned before.

Word of mouth marketing is where some of your customers recommend your business to one or two friends. And this really does help your business grow. In fact, I have heard of business who claim that after a few years of trading, they began to survive completely on word of mouth marketing. But, those who do make that claim usually stay small, in comparison to those who do additional marketing activities.

On the other hand, a viral marketing campaign doesn’t just cause steady growth - it causes explosive growth. And that doesn’t just happen because some customers tell one or two friends about your business. It’s caused by most of your customers persuading all their friends to become your customer. Then they in turn tell most of their friends too and so on, so your customer base multiplies, like a virus.

I’ve heard many opinions on the difference between a viral marketing campaign and a word of mouth campaign. And some folk claim there is no difference at all. But, I believe the one thing that sets a viral marketing campaign apart is the reason it actually becomes viral. Because in the most successful viral marketing campaigns I’ve seen, people tell all their friends about the great product or service because it is beneficial to themselves if others join.

Some of the more successful social networking groups would fall into this category, as the customer experience is better if more people join. So it makes sense that people would encourage everyone they know to sign up.

Can you think of other businesses who have ran a successful viral marketing campaign? Or any types of business that could pull one off? What else do you think is needed, for a viral marketing campaign to be successful?

Or do you believe that there’s no difference between a viral campaign and a word of mouth campaign?

Please share any thoughts and opinions you have in the comments section.

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Make The Business Of Influence Work For You

July 28, 2008

The power of mass influence never ceases to amaze me. Some people will do absolutely anything if everyone else seems to be doing it.

Check out this video on Barbara Ling’s blog
and discover how many people were easily persuaded to sign a petition to ban water.

So Just How Easy It To Influence Thousands Of People?

50,456,002 people voted for George Bush in the 2000 Presidential Election.
Millions of people signed up to Hotmail.
Amway has recruited enough people to make their owners multi-millionaires.
Facebook has around 75 million members.

As Ari Herzog explains in this article, a major part of friendship is the desire to know what the other person is doing. This goes a long way toward explaining why social networking is so popular. But it doesn’t explain how so many people were persuaded to join Amway, or Avon etc. So, I’m guessing there must be other factors involved too.

Why do you think people are so easily influenced by what others are saying and doing? How could you use this to your advantage in business? Please discuss your thoughts and ideas in the comments section.

Image Credit: Snap

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