Akashic Records Reading

What is an Akashic Records Reading?

I had an Akashic Records Reading in June 2008 and it was an experience that changed my life. The basic belief is that a soul reincarnates through several lifes. But it can suffer a lot of damage along the way and this damage can have a negative effect on certain aspects of your current life.

Before the Akashic Records Reading, I wasn’t particularly skeptical. But I didn’t expect miracles either. After all, I was only having one session.

What Can An Akashic Records Reading Do To Help You?

Akemi Gaines carried out my Akashic Records Reading. She explained some of the damage my soul had suffered in this life and also in previous lives. This worried me, as she told me that part of my soul was missing. I’d actually given it away in a previous life. But she assured me that she would give me homework to repair any damage.

She accurately pointed out many of my strengths and weaknesses and explained why I had these. For example, she explained that I had trouble seeing options available to me. This was so true. In fact, before the Akashic Records Reading, I’d always gone along with what others wanted me to do, because I was unable to see the choices available to me.

The akashic reading helped me to see my options and after doing the homework, I’m now working towards my own life goals and I don’t allow others to choose for me. In fact, the askashic records reading has also enabled me to cut negative influences from my life.

I’m Skeptical - How Do You Know An Akashic Records Reading Really Works?

Aside from accurately pointing out my strengths and weakness that have affected me in this life, Akemi was able to discover other things during my Akashic Records Reading, that no other living soul knows about. I provide a voluntary service to help others. No other living soul knew about this service, before I had my Akashic Records Reading. Akemi was not only able to tell me about this service, she was also able to explain why I began doing it. Apparently, I volunteered to perform this service, before I entered this life on earth and people who need my help are able to seek me out subconsciously.

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