Why You Are Letting Your Blog Readers Down

July 26, 2010

Did you ever stop to ask yourself if you’re giving your readers what they want? If you take your blog seriously, I’m guessing you focus on writing useful and enjoyable posts. Trouble is, in your attempt to please them, you may be letting your blog readers down.

Many bloggers provide the kind of products, or services that their readers want. Trouble is, they are so focused on writing awesome content that they don’t let people know what else they have to offer.

What Do Your Blog Readers Want From You?

Most of your readers don’t interact with you in the comments section . But you can discover what they’re looking for, by monitoring how they arrive at your blog.

Say you have a blog on dog training and someone finds you by typing into Google, “how to train my dog to shit outdoors”, there’s a good chance they are desperate to find a solution to their problem. And if you sell an ebook on how to toilet train a dog, you need to provide a link to the sales page in the post they arrive at.

Others may find you through a more general keyphrase, such as “dog training blog”. They might not have a desperate need for your toilet training book but they could be interested in other products you have to offer. So make sure you make it easy for them to sign up to your newsletter and subscribe to your blog in an RSS reader.

You Don’t Have To Spoil Your Blog Posts To Sell Your Products

Some bloggers worry that they will ruin their content, if they mention their products. But making your readers aware of what you have to offer, doesn’t mean turning your posts into sales pitches.

You can write interesting posts that mention your product and provide a link to the sales page. If your reader is interested, they will click through to read more about it.

An opt in newsletter is another way to give your readers tips, updates and info on products they may be interested in. Or you can use the “What Would Seth Godin Do” plugin to mention your product at the beginning, or end of each post.

And don’t forget to display an ad for your product in a place where readers can see it. The best way to do this is by using an ADvatar. ADvatar’s are great because you can use them on your own blog, to advertise on other blogs and as your social networking Gravatar.

The idea behind these ads is often misunderstood. And some bloggers get frustrated when they place one of their ads somewhere and they don’t get hundreds of click throughs. But that isn’t how ADvatars work.

People need to see your ad several times, before they notice it and images are far more memorable than a name alone. Eventually, they will begin to recognise your ADvatar and they’ll remember you when they need what you have to offer.

If you don’t have an ADvatar yet, you should check out the awesome ADvatar’s that Barbara Swafford creates at the Blog Boutique.

* Disclosure – I don’t profit financially by recommending Barbara’s ADvatars. But we have been friends for over three years, since she began helping and advising bloggers at Blogging Without A Blog. And I know you can trust her to provide you with an attractive ADvatar for your blog.

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