Is Your Fear Of Sales Suffocating Your Business?

June 25, 2010

Your business needs sales like a fire needs oxygen. And if the thought of selling terrifies you into a state of mummification, consider the following points.

You need to sell to stay in business. No sales means no food on the table.

The first thing you need to sell is YOU. That’s easy enough, just be yourself – unless you’re an asshole, then you need to develop a likeable persona, or hire someone else to sell for you.

Nobody will eat you – unless you live in a really dodgy area. You might get rejected a few times but so what? Millions of successful people have faced rejection but they still went on to succeed.

Maybe you don’t believe you can do it; you’re just not a born sales person. Read any good sales book and you’ll discover that most great sales people weren’t born that way – it’s a skill they learned.

And you don’t need to become a rock star in sales – you haven’t got the time. Grab yourself a copy of Keep it Simple Stupid and learn as you go.

If you really feel that bad about sales, maybe you should give up now and get a job. But you’ll still need to sell yourself in an interview. So what’s the difference?

Thanks for dropping by. Is your fear of sales suffocating your business? Is it the fear of actually doing the selling, the prospect of rejection, or something else that is putting you off? Please share in the comments section.

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