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If you want to build a website, all you need is some website building software, a domain name and web site hosting. There’s a few excellent software packages available to help you build a website and I’ve explained the pros and cons of the best ones here.

Some web site hosting companies include software to build a website, as part of their package. But you should be wary of using those. If you want to change web hosting providers in the future, or worse still, your web host goes out of business, you’ll lose your website and you’ll need to start again from scratch. Some of the following suggestions are better ways to build a website.

Build A Website With Site Build It

Site Build It is more than just website building software. It’s actually a complete online business package, which includes web site hosting, domain name and anything else you need to start and run an online business. If you want to build a website and you have no website building, or business experience, Site Build It will probably give you a head start.

But you need to be aware, that once you’ve signed up to Site Build It, you will need to pay the yearly, or monthly fee again to keep your website running. So, if you plan to build several websites, Site Build It probably isn’t the right software for you to build a website with.

Having said that, Site Build It has many raving fans. And I can’t deny the fact that it’s an awesome tool. Another huge advantage is that a tool called “Brainstorm It” is also included. And if you’re not sure what type of online business you want to start, the Brainstorm It tool will help you decide.

One huge problem with building a website is that there’s so much to learn. And when you first start out, knowing what to do next can be a huge problem. Site Build It includes an Action Guide, so you’re never left wondering what to do next, you just follow the action guide.

If you’re starting from scratch and you need ideas on what type of website to build and how to make money from it, Site Build It is probably your best option by far.

Check out the video below, to see what existing Site Build It users think of Site Build It. Or, if you think Site Build It might be right for you, click here to see some case studies of people like you’ve who’ve built online businesses with Site Build It.

Build A Website With XSitePro

XSitePro is one of the fastest tools you can use to build a website quickly. As with Site Build It, you need no previous website building experience, or html knowledge to build a website. And it also includes many ready made templates to get you started.

I have used XSitePro several times and it’s a great tool if you want to build several small niche websites. It even includes a tool to make sure you’ve optimized your website well for the search engines. But XSite Pro doesn’t include a domain name, web site hosting, or any of the extras included in Site Build It.

If you’re building your first website, you’d be mad to try to build several niche websites until you have the first one up and running. But once you have XSitePro, you can use it to build as many websites as you like

XSitePro is probably best, if you just want to build a basic website and have it up and running quickly. Or if you have previous business experience and a good knowledge of Internet marketing and want to build several websites, XSitePro is the obvious choice. Otherwise, Site Build it may be a better option for you.

Use Microsoft Front Page To Build A Website

I’ve used Microsoft Front Page to build websites before. It doesn’t include all the bells and whistles that you get with XSitePro, or SBI. But it’s far more flexible than XSitePro and you can also use it to build several websites, if you wish. Also, you don’t need to know any html but you’ll find it far easier, if you learn a bit of html.

I no longer use Microsoft FrontPage to build websites, as I believe XSitePro and SBI are far easier options. But, if getting your website built quickly is not important, you want to build more than one website and you want a more flexible option than XSite Pro, Microsoft FrontPage
may still be a good choice for you.

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