Become A Super Affiliate

A popular and simple way to make money online is to sell other people’s products, through affiliate marketing. Thousands of people make money this way. Some do it as a sideline to make extra cash and those in the Super Affiliate category make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

One of the most successful super affiliates is Simon Nixon, the founder of Moneysupermarket. When he floated his business on the stockmarket, he made an estimated $400 million.

What Makes Affiliate Marketing So Attractive & How Can You Become A Super Affiliate?

Starting an affiliate marketing business is cheap. In fact, you can easily get started for less than $50. And you don’t need your own product, or specialist technical knowledge. You just need to be willing to learn to master your craft and have a burning desire to succeed.

The basic tools you need to get started are a blog, or website and a domain name, name and hosting. If you don’t already have those, don’t worry – they are super cheap and easy to set up. And to avoid wasting time and money on things that don’t work, you need some insider knowledge on how to build an affiliate marketing business. Luckily, some successful super affiliates are more than happy to share their secrets.

How I Learned The Secrets Of Becoming A Successful Affiliate

Although affiliate marketing is not a full-time business for me, I’ve had a decent amount of success in promoting affiliate products online.

My first attempts were poor, because I took bad advice from bloggers who didn’t really know what they were doing. So I bought myself a bunch of ebooks written by folk who claimed to be in the Super Affiliate category. But I wish I’d read Rosalind Gardener’s Super Affiliate Handbook first. It would have saved me hundreds of dollars and a lot of time.

It Pays To Take Advice From A Super Affiliate Who Knows What They Are Talking About

Rosalind Gardner is one of the most highly regarded Super Affiliates on the Internet. She walks the talk, and in her e-book, she gives real examples of the websites that have made her successful and she shows you how you can do it too. Most of the other books I found were vague ramblings on how the author had made millions in affiliate marketing, with little substance or proof to back it up.

Gardner shares how she began affiliate marketing part-time in 1998. Gradually, she began earning more money and by 2002, she made enough money from affiliate marketing to quit her stressful day job. By 2004, her profits began to soar and she made $436,797 from her affiliate marketing business that year, with much of the revenue coming from products she promotes on her popular dating site.

What I really like about the book, is Rosalind’s honesty and real life examples. She doesn’t pretend it’s going to be easy, or make wild claims that you can make a fortune overnight. She encourages you to work on building a real business, which will become successful over time.

Her advice is useful whether you want to make an additional part-time business from affiliate marketing, or you want to build a super affiliate business and quit your day job.

In her book she shows you:

- How to get started from scratch, with no experience or technical knowledge.

- How to Choose A Profitable Niche

- Beginners Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.

- How To Find & Choose The Affiliate Products That Pay The Best Commissions.

- The Mistakes That Can Get You Banned From Google

- How To Drive Thousands Of Paying Customers To Your Website or Blog

Does the idea of making a part-time income from affiliate marketing appeal to you? Or do you want to start and grow your own super affiliate business? Then don’t waste time and money like I did – check out Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook to make sure you get started on the best path to success.

* I do make a commission if you invest in the Super Affiliate Handbook. But I only the products that I’ve tried, tested and found useful.

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