Free Internet Traffic

Free Internet traffic is great, if you can get it. And the best free internet traffic, to your blog or website, comes from search engines, such as Google.

I get heaps of Internet traffic and it has increased every day, since I began optimising many of my blogposts and pages for long tail keyphrases.

But patience is essential if you want this type of free Internet traffic. And you really have to keep working on it – most of it doesn’t come naturally.

If You Want Free Internet Traffic – Size Matters

You’d have to be crazy not to want free Internet traffic from the search engines. As I’ve mentioned before, the folk that find you through Google searches buy more things from you. But to get this type of Internet traffic, size matters.

I was speaking to a guy on Twitter and he said that most of the free internet traffic he gets to one of his popular niche sites, comes from using long tail keyphrases. He has had that website for a decade and it has an amazing 10,000 pages – many of them are user generated.

Well, I get a decent amount of Internet traffic to this blog, which has just over 500 pages. But if I had 10,000 pages, I’d get a phenomenal amount of free Internet traffic, if I keep optimizing my posts for long tail keywords. It really is a no brainer isn’t it?

Do You Get Free Internet Traffic Too?

What about you – how many pages do you have on your blog or website? Do you get much free Internet traffic from the search engines? Can you imagine how much traffic you’d get, if you optimized every page on your blog or website for long tail keyphrases? Or are you one of those people who just writes great content in the hope that plenty of free search engine traffic will come?

Google Wants Relevant Content

A lot of folk seem to misunderstand what Google wants. They hear that Google wants good content, so they keep churning out great stuff in the hope that a heap of free Internet traffic will eventually come. And when it doesn’t, they become disheartened – maybe Google thinks their content sucks.

The truth is, Google couldn’t tell whether your content was written by Ernest Hemmingway, or Amy Winehouse after she’d been on a six day binge. Because Google is looking for relevant content, not good content.

Of course, your readers care about the quality of your content, so I wouldn’t recommend asking Winehouse to write a guest post for you. But it’s possible to write both relevant and good content and get plenty of free Internet traffic, if you know what you’re doing.

How I Get Free Internet Traffic

Before I started this blog, I used some specialist software to help me optimize my websites. But I wouldn’t recommend it to you, for two reasons. It costs hundreds of dollars to buy, plus you have to pay extra for monthly updates. Also, it puts spyware on your computer and some of it’s included tools could get you banned from Google.

Anyway, I’ve never used that software on this site and I wouldn’t recommend it as a reliable way to get traffic. If you’re banned from Google, you’ll get no traffic at all.

After that, I used SEO book. It’s a great guide to SEO, although there’s quite a lot of reading involved. Trouble is SEO book is no longer available. Instead, the author runs a monthly membership site. But it costs $100 a month, which is steep, unless you want to be an SEO consultant.

Recently, I discovered a better option – SEO School. It’s cheap – you can get it for the price of a hardback book. Plus it won’t take you forever to read and it’s entertaining – something which is missing from many “how to” books. And if you want to learn SEO, quickly and easily, without harming your great content, SEO School seems to be the only decent option available right now.

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