Write An Ebook In 7 Days

Is it really possible to write an e-book in 7 days? Joe Vitale, who co-wrote the 7 Day E-book says it is. I wasn’t convinced. I’ve written shorter info products in 7 days but not something of 100 pages plus. But as Joe has 34 traditionally published books in print and 30 ebooks, I decided to check it out.

Who Would Want To Write An Ebook In 7 Days?

If you have a website, or blog, you should consider writing an ebook. Brian Clarke of Copyblogger – one of the top 50 most powerful blogs in the world, suggests that you should forget everything you know on how to make money blogging and concentrate on selling your own information products instead.

Wouldn’t A Traditional Book Be Better Than An Ebook?

Having a book published traditionally is an amazing achievement and I would never try to put anyone off doing it. Publishers only take on a tiny percentage of manuscripts that land on their desks, so an acceptance is something to brag about. But will a traditional book actually make you any money? You could be one of the lucky ones who soar to the top of the New York Times best seller list. Trouble is, less than 5% of the books published in the US sell more than 5000 copies.

If your traditional book sells 5000 copies in hardback and is priced at $18 dollars a copy, you might make 10% per copy. And once you take off agency fees, you’ll be lucky if you wind up with $7000. Also, as traditional books take a lot longer to write than ebooks, it will take you a few months to write. You’d probably make a better hourly rate flipping burgers.

An ebook costs very little to produce and market, so almost all the profit is yours. Selling the same 5000 copies at $27 each, would bring you $135,000. It’s a huge difference for the same amount of sales isn’t it?

And if you write your e-book in 7 days, that’s an amazing return on your time. How many jobs would pay you as much as $135,000 for 7 days of work?

Ok – So How Do You Know People Will Actually Read your E-book?

Chances are if folk are reading your blog, or website, on a regular basis, they’ll be keen to explore more of your work. And if you provide the answers to their problem, or show them how to save or make money, or time, they’ll be desperate to hear what you have to say.

So Does The 7 Day E-Book Work?

I was sceptical but I was surprised to discover that the 7 day e-book begins by showing you how to decide what topic to write about. This is extremely useful, as writers often get stuck at this stage and give up.

It shows you how to break down your e-book into manageable chunks and how to find useful information to include in your e-book. As a bonus, I was really surprised to discover that Vitale also shows you how to market your e-book once it’s written. I expected the 7 day e-book to focus on the writing and not much else.

If you’re still not sure that writing an e-book is write for you, check out what other e-book authors have to say.

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