6 Ways To Get Noticed Online

October 19, 2008

There’s lots of ways to get noticed online. Some involve time, some involve money. But others are free, quick and easy.

Get Registered

If you haven’t done so already, get noticed by registering your blog on Barbara Swafford’s new blog registry at Blogging Without a Blog. It’s quick, it’s free and you get more than just a bog standard listing – you also get the chance to share a bit of info about you and your blog. Go to this post and follow the instructions to get yourself noticed, on an extremely popular blog.

Get Talking

Another free and easy way to get noticed, is to get interviewed by a blogger. If you don’t know someone who’d happily promote you, do something newsworthy or outrageous, or exaggerate quite a bit. Mick Jagger’s not going to know that you’re not really one of his secret love children. And even if you don’t have overly botoxed lips – the guy reckons he’s slept with more than a thousand women, so it’s going to take him a bloody long time to work it out.

But if you feel a bit uncomfortable exaggerating that much, you could just suck up to a blogger who interviews folk, like Jamie Harrop. Jamie has just brought out a free ebook, on a series of interviews with popular bloggers. He even included me. If sucking up doesn’t work – try bribery.

Piss Off A Whole Bunch Of Folk And Millions Of People Will Notice You

Write stuff that will really annoy a whole tribe of people. Think Perez Hilton. Every day, he gets flamed for making fun of celebs on his blog. But no matter how much folk hate him – he still gets noticed by millions of people each month and he makes shedloads of money.

The hilarious thing is, thousands of schmucks who can’t stand the guy, write about what an asshole he is and that brings him heaps more traffic and money. And if you can’t bear the thought of annoying folk every single day – just write one little thing that will irritate the hell out of thousands of people, as Seth Godin did when he announced that ads are the new online tip jar.

The Best Way To Get Noticed Online

Get a free ad on this amazingly popular blog. You’d have to be a complete eejit not to grab this opportunity before the deadline at midnight on Monday. Check out the offer and get your free ad now.

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