Protect Your Financial Security In Uncertain Times

December 13, 2008

Financial security is important to most of us right now. It’s not that we’re greedy. Many of us just want to be able to protect our families finances in these uncertain times.

Here’s What Happens When You Leave Your Financial Security In The Hands Of Someone Else

Fifteen years ago, I discovered what happens when you leave your financial security in the hands of someone else. I was injured in a horrific attack, which stopped me from working for a long time. As well as being a student nurse, I had a part-time job. Well, I knew that I’d lose my part-time wage while I was ill. But I was foolish enough to believe that the government would protect the little people like me, who only got a measly nurse training bursary of £360 a month.

I was wrong – they gave me one month of sick pay and after that I was on my own. To make matters worse, I discovered I was pregnant. And the bank were pressurising me to pay the £500 overdraft I’d ran up, just trying to pay the mortgage. Basically, I was in the shit up to my eyeballs.

So, when I began to recover from the illness, I decided there was no way I would trust anyone else with the financial security of my family ever again. And I started my first online business.

Now, you might not find yourself in the same position I did – and I really hope you don’t. But it made me realise that health is not something you can take for granted – no matter how young you are. And in these uncertain times, you need to do everything you can to protect your financial security.

Starting An Online Business Is Easier Now

When I started my first online business, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Lucky for me – most other people didn’t either, so I wasn’t the only one with a website that sucked. But there are better alternatives now.

One of them is Site Build It. I wish it had been available when I built my first website. It would have saved me thousands. Site Build it is more than just a website builder. It’s an online business course in a box. And it also includes a domain name, web hosting and everything else you’ll ever need to start and run a small business.

And from now, until 25th December, Site Build it are running a special 2 for 1 offer on their online business subscriptions. So, if you’ve been toying with the idea of starting an online business, in your spare time – to protect the financial security of your family, now might be the time to stop thinking and start doing.

What Makes Site Build It Different?

The thing that makes Site Build It so different, is that it includes everything you need to develop the skills to get your online business up and running. And everything is included for one low cost.

Over the years, I’ve tried several different website building packages and bought SEO tools and books, web hosting, internet marketing courses and countless different ebooks. But you get everything you need with Site Build It, at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t just take my word on how great this system is. Here’s what some successful Site Build It business owners are saying:

It’s been over a year now since I started my first website, which ranks within the top 1% of sites on the net and receives up to 1500 visitors per day. I now have a second site, and plans for a third before the summer of this year. I no longer work from home in the evenings and my income is constantly growing. Right now, it’s double what I was making when I was standing behind a chair.
~ >Michelle Schill

When you first start, you think… “Ok, maybe I will make some extra money. I never really thought that SBI! would help me, live my life like I mean to live it.
~ >Luisa Cupeles

After doing three sites and talking to hundreds of people, I know that SBI! is perfect for most small businesses. Actually, it’s the best. Look at me. I have gone from asphalt man, stuck in an old world business with no future, to “digital man” whose life knows no limits.
~ Judd Burdon

And here’s some of the benefits of starting a online business with Site Build It:

You don’t need to have an online business idea. Brainstorm It is powerful software included with Site Build It, to help you choose the best niche for you and find the best keywords.

You avoid making expensive mistakes. After you’ve used Brainstorm It, Niche Build It helps to ensure that you’ve chosen the right niche for you and the best path to take, in developing your online business.

You get help with ways to make money from your site. If you’ve never ran a business before, coming up with the best ways to make money online can be challenging. Monetize It helps you choose the best ways to make money from your website.

You don’t need any technical knowledge.
Building your site with Site Build It is easy. You don’t need to learn html and the special software trains you to build a site which is attractive to humans and search engines.

You don’t need any design skills.
And you don’t need to pay a professional designer to give your site a polished professional look. Site Build It comes with professional quality templates. And later on, if you do want to learn more about design – it’s compatible with design software such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

You don’t have to worry about making the wrong choices. Site Build it comes with a domain name analyzer, web hosting and all the tools you need to bring lots of visitors to your site.

You don’t need to buy any additional tools. Everything from list building, to autoresponders is included. Plus, you can easily turn your website into a blog if you want, or add forums, shopping carts and user generated content.

It comes with a guarantee. You can try Site Build It for 30 days and if you’re not 100% impressed, you get your money back.

Special Two For One Offer. And don’t forget, if you invest in starting an online business with Site Build It before December 25th, you get two subscriptions for the price of one.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you start two online businesses at the same time. You have a few options. Site Build It will allow you to start one subscription now and begin the free one within 9 months, allowing you time to get one online business up and running, before you start the second one.

Or you could share the subscription cost with a friend, which means you both get to start an online business for half price. Or you could keep one subscription for yourself and give the other to a friend or loved one for Christmas.

Check out this page to take advantage of the special offer and learn more about protecting your financial security with a Site Build It online business.

Still not convinced that Site Build It is right for you? Why not check out the videos below, so that you can be sure that you’re making the right decision.

Click here to read case studies on people like you, who have built successful online businesses with Site Build It.

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