6 Little Success Tips

July 8, 2009

Real success is usually achieved over time, through small steps we take. Get yourself on the right track, by following these 6 Little Success Tips.

Success Tip 1: Know Yourself

– The more you learn about and understand yourself – the easier it will be to overcome your challenges and achieve success. Life coach, Davina Haisell has mastered this and you can learn from her tips“On The Edge Of Being” and be inspired.

Success Tip 2: Be Loud

- If you don’t let people know you exist, your chances of success are low. Jon Morrow stresses the importance of blowing your own trumpet in “The Susan Boyle Guide To Being Loud & Proud.”

Success Tip 3: Screw Up

– Give yourself permission to make plenty of mistakes – it’s the only way you’ll learn. Early in his career, Brad Shorr made a costly marketing mistake but it taught him a valuable lesson he never forgot.

Success Tip 4: Find Your Own Definition Of Success

– Don’t take tips from the wrong people. Trying to achieve someone else’s definition of success could be meaningless and potentially dangerous to you, if it isn’t what you want.

I used to believe success was all about financial achievement, no matter how much other areas of my life suffered – and they did. So, I had to redefine what success was about and change my life completely. If you want to be happy – think carefully about what success means to you.

Success Tip 5: Love Yourself

– In “Love The Man In The Mirror” Evelyn Lim explains that you can’t have successful relationships with others, if you don’t have a good relationship with yourself.

Success Tip 6: Examine Your Attitude

– In “How To Become More Successful” Steve Pavlina explains how to examine your attitude to successful folk around you and make the necessary changes, in order to become more successful yourself.

Do you have any favourite success tips, ideas or quotes to share? What does success mean to you? Please share in the comment section.

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