6 Killer Writing Tips

December 18, 2008

Anyone who writes for a living will benefit from useful writing tips. And whether you’re a freelance writer, a novelist, or you write to promote your business, you’re sure to benefit from these awesome writing tips.

6 Killer Writing Tips

Kill Adjectives – The Right Way

Knowing when to kill adjectives from my writing has been something I’ve struggled with for a long time. Editing what you’ve written and wiping the little suckers out is easy enough. But when are you supposed to leave them in?

I asked Joanna Young the question and she gave me some great tips on when to slay and when to spare adjectives. No matter what type of writing you do, if the adjectives thing confuses you too, you need to check out what Joanna has to say in: When Adjectives Are Necessary.

Create A Believable Villain

Writing about the villain of the story can be tough. I struggled with it earlier this year. My villain was just too bad to be believable. He was so mean he would have been the number one suspect right away, which wasn’t the effect I wanted.

If you’re struggling with this type of writing too, Melissa Donovan shares some great tips in: How To Write A Complex Villain

Writing A Killer Business Story

Telling a powerful story is a great way to get your business message across. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out Brad Shorr’s tips in 5 Simple Storytelling Techniques and create a killer story for your business.

Become A Killer Freelance Writer

Want to get started in freelance writing but not sure where to start? Amy Derby shares some killer advice for freelance writers, in: Write What You Know And Sell It.

Killer Sales Writing Tips

If you want to become a killer freelance writer, you’ve got to learn how to close the sale. John Hewitt shares his tips on doing this inSuccessful Freelance Writers Know How To Close The Sale.

And if you’re looking for killer freelance writing jobs, you need to bookmark John’s Writing Jobs and Links page, which is updated regularly.

Killer Tips For Promoting Your Book

Some writers do book tours to promote new books. But this can be costly and time consuming. Lillie Amman shares a killer way to promote your book – a blog book tour. She recently did a blog book tour to promote her new novel, Dream or Destiny and she shares how she did it, in a series, beginning with: Blog Book Tour Part 1 – What Is It?

Did you find these writing tips useful? Do you have any killer writing tips of your own to share?

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