Does Your Sales Copy Suck?

April 2, 2009

A mammoth sum of money is spent online each year. And a ridiculous number of people try to sell their stuff on the Internet – after all it’s easy right? Well the sad truth is, many of them would have more luck selling toothpicks to goldfish.

Sometimes, it’s because nobody wants what they’re selling – their product sucks.

Sometimes it’s because they get no visitors to their website – their marketing sucks.

And the rest of the time, it’s because their sales copy sucks.

Trouble is, when people ask why their product isn’t selling, I hate telling them. If I say I don’t see a benefit to buying their product – they get annoyed. If I tell them they need to do more marketing – they moan about having no time. And if I say their sales copy sucks – they want to slap me.

I guess one of the reasons they get so pissed off is that I can’t help them fix their sucky sales copy. But the truth is, I struggle with sales copy myself – it takes me a long time to write it and while I’m doing so, I constantly refer to several books and notes on copywriting. Even professional copywriters have to work at it – a decent sales page isn’t something you can knock off while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil.

Anyway – I was tired of people wanting to slap me. So if you’re struggling to sell your stuff, read this brief checklist to discover whether your sales copy sucks.

Your Sales Copy Sucks If…………

  • You’re not selling anything.

  • And your mom and your dog are not your only readers.

  • You can’t describe at least one benefit to using your product, or service.

  • You’re thinking – what sales copy? I don’t need no bloody sales copy. I just need to be myself right?

  • You didn’t put in a lot of effort when you wrote it – in fact, it was really just an afterthought.

  • You wrote it yourself, without reading a single book on copywriting, or trying to figure out what good sales copy looks like.

  • And If Your Sales Copy Sucks It’s Easy To Fix It.

    If you can afford to, get an experienced copywriter to write it for you.

    If you’re skint, learn how to do it yourself quickly with the Copywriting Crash Course.


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