Is This The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Dream?

April 2, 2008

Image by Twayna Mayne.
Bondi Beach

Does the ultimate entrepreneurial dream involve living and working from wherever you want? Lately, I’ve heard many people on the Internet talk about their desire to work anywhere in the world, through freelancing or their own business. Does it sound good? The idea definitely appeals to me.

A few years ago, I thought about moving to America – probably Florida, for the wonderful year round climate. But, life takes unexpected turns and I never got round to it. So, lately I’ve been researching my options. And if you’re interested in living and working in a sunnier climate, you may want to check out a few of the great resources I’ve discovered so far:

The Australian’s Want Us

Recently the Australian’s began making it easier for immigrants from particular professions or trades to move into their country. The weather there is great – in fact, their winter’s are probably warmer than most summers we get in the UK. Monika Mundell emigrated to Australia to start a new life and get away from her negative family. It was hard work for the first few years, but now she’s living the life she wants and a few months ago, she was able to pack in her job and work from home. You should check out Monika’s blog, it’s really inspiring. And if you’re looking for an excellent writer, check out her website too: Monika Mundell.

Could You Sell Your Life?

On my quest for more research I stumbled upon this amazing guy who’s actually selling his whole life in Perth, Australia. It goes up for auction in June and everything is included: his home, furniture, jet ski, motor bike, sky diving equipment and even access to his friends.

Once the auction is over, Ian plans to go to the airport and jump on the first available plane to anywhere. He sounds like a really entrepreneurial guy. The auction has attracted heaps of media attention and traffic to his website soared almost as soon as he launched it. I’m sure he’ll go far. You can check out his site and read all about it here: A Life For Sale

What About Working On The Beach?

Eleven years ago, Mark Hayward and his wife Terrie moved from New England to the British Virgin Islands to escape the cold and the cubicle lifestyle. They have lived on four islands since then. However, in this post, Mark explains that he has only achieved half of his dream so far. Although he is running a business on a Caribbean Island, he is still to achieve his dream of creating passive income so he can work less.

Can You Travel and Work Regardless Of Your Occupation?

I did think that travelling while you worked would probably only be a possibility for certain professions. So, I was surprised when I read an article by Sterling, describing how his partner was able to continue practising as a lawyer whilst travelling. If you’re wondering if it could be a possibility for you too, you should check out his article as it has some great advice and tips: How To Travel and Work Remotely As A Couple.

More Great Resources

Two Texans Down Under:
A great blog by two Texans who emigrated to Australia.
Australian Department of Immigration: Lots of useful info, entry requirements etc.
What Became Of The Ten Pound Poms? After World War II thousands of British people where able to emigrate to Australia for only £10. Some liked it and some didn’t. You can check out their stories here.
Viva Almeria – A great site on Almeria, Spain with heaps of resources for people who are planning to live in Spain. The site is owned by a couple who relocated there from the UK.
Free Online Points Test For Eligibility To Immigrate to Australia.

The Best Places To Live In The World:
If you’re not sure where you want to go, this is a helpful resource.
Moving To The Caribbean: Great advice and info for anyone wanting to move to the Caribbean.
Free Emigration Starter Pack: These information packs are for people from the UK who want to emigrate to any country in the world. You also get a free magazine.
United Nations Report On Best Places To Live In The World: If you want to know where it’s safest to live and where you get the best healthcare etc, check this out.
20 Of The More Difficult US Citizenship Questions: If you want to emigrate to the USA, you need to brush up on your knowledge about their country. These are meant to be the hardest questions, so check them out and make sure you don’t get caught out.
Backpacking In Thailand: Great resource for anyone considering backpacking in Thailand.
Hawaii Immigration Information Office: Basic site with contact details for anyone wanting to move to Hawaii.

So, what about you? Do you share the entrepreneurial dream of many others who want to work from sunnier climates? Are you already planning a way to do it, or do you have concerns that are holding you back? Or, are you quite happy staying put?

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