5 Myths About Quitting Smoking

July 17, 2009

Smoking Kills

Smoking Kills

“It’s probably best not to quit at all – quitting smoking just makes people ill.”

Can you believe folk have said that to me and other such horseshit, since I quit smoking? Luckily, I’m no longer foolish enough to believe that quitting smoking might make me ill, or even kill me. And these 5 smoking myths are a load of crapola too:

The Physical Withdrawal From Smoking Is Unbearable

Some folks say that the physical withdrawal from nicotine is worse than heroin withdrawal. And I don’t know if it’s true but the idea almost terrified me into not attempting to quit at all – ever. But don’t let it put you off quitting smoking.

While the physical withdrawal from cigarettes is quite nasty and you might even feel like killing a whole bunch of people, the worst of it is over within 72 hours, which is the amount of time it takes for most of the nicotine to leave your body.

Quitting Smoking Is Impossible For Some People – They’re Just Too Addicted

You’ve probably heard that some people are more addicted to cigarettes than others. And quitting smoking is harder for certain people. For example, I have PTSD and I read that it’s harder for people with PTSD to quit.

But hard and impossible are completely different words. So don’t be put off quitting just because you think it might be harder for you. I think a lot of these rumours are started by the smoking industry to persuade people not to quit.

You’re Weak If You Use Any Type Of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

This is complete rubbish. The only thing that will stop you from smoking is you. And if using patches, gum, pills, or anything else makes quitting smoking easier, then why shouldn’t you use them?

Nicotine patches allowed me to delay some of the physical withdrawal symptoms, so I could concentrate on coping with the mental withdrawal symptoms.

It’s Too Late – The Damage From Smoking Is Already Done

It makes me sad when people say things like this. While you’re unlikely to completely reverse the damage caused by smoking when you quit, your body does a pretty good job of healing itself.

And yes – if you’ve smoked a long time, then you stop, there’s still a good chance you may die of a smoking related disease a few years down the line. But it may be a few years later than if you’d not quit at all.

There’s No Evidence That Smoking Kills

I can’t believe folk still say this but plenty do. And a few years ago, there just wasn’t enough research on smoking related death but there is now.

The tobacco industry is still a big business and if there was any doubt at all, that smoking caused fatal diseases, there’s no way they’d put up with having their product branded with slogan’s like: “Smoking Kills” and “Smoking Can Cause A Slow And Painful Death.

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Image by: Sunshine City

Have you tried quitting smoking? Had you heard these, or any other ridiculous smoking myths before? Who do you think starts most of them? Smokers who can’t give up, the tobacco industry, or the government?

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