Are They Really Making Money For Nothing?

May 18, 2009

Can you really make money for nothing? Recently, I’ve read a lot of articles that claim that some people are. But how true is it?

Folk like Jordan (glamour model) and reality tv stars, like the late Jade Goody often come under fire because they seem to make money for nothing.

Half the population applauds the fact that these people came from disadvantaged backgrounds and used their new found fame to build multi-million pound business empires. But the other half turn up their noses at what they see as worthless crap, peddled by folk who appear to lack skill, talent and taste.

These women have all used their initial burst of fame, to make themselves a huge wad of money. Jordan has been more successful at this than most and so far she’s made an estimated to £30 million to £50 million from perfume, ghost written books, horse accessories etc.

Is she really less worthy of the money she makes, because she used to be a topless model? After all, fashion models launch other businesses and they don’t seem to get the same kind of public slating. Are they more important, because they choose to model clothes that the average human being could never hope to fit into?

I’m not a huge fan of reality tv, or any tv for that matter, I prefer films. But reality tv is hugely popular on both sides of the pond. So who are we to suggest that reality tv stars don’t deserve the same financial success than film actors?

In any type of business, good marketing will almost always beat talent, or an excellent product. So I don’t see why so many folk insist on putting down Jordan because of the way she makes money.

What do you think? Do these people really make money for nothing, or do they deserve every penny they make?

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