And You Think Your Job Sucks

April 8, 2009

If you want to start your own business, having a job that sucks can be a good thing. For a start, it’s far easier to take the plunge, if you’re leaving a job you hate. Folk who have jobs they enjoy, with good prospects are generally the least likely to start their own business, no matter how much they want to.

And most hugely successful people have had at least one awful job.

Stephen King’s first job was in a gas station and he was paid only $1.25 an hour. Not much compared to what he got paid for the 300 million copies of his novels he’s sold since.

Donald Trump earned his first income collecting soda bottles. He also tried learning about becoming a rent collecter but decided he was less likely to get shot collecting soda bottles.

Financial genius Warren Buffett even managed to turn the pittance he made as a paper boy, into a profit. Instead of blowing all his cash on trash, he saved £1200 to buy 40 acres of land and rented it to a farmer.

Soccer star David Beckham hasn’t always had golden balls. His earned his first pay as a glass collector at a dog track.

I’ve had my fair share of shit jobs. My first full-time employer had a secretary who was well into her eighties. It was kind of weird – she spoke like she was a slave. I soon realised that she was and she just couldn’t escape because no-one else wanted to work there.

Have you ever had a job that sucks? Did it motivate you to improve your life? Are you in a job you hate right now and hoping to escape by starting your own business?

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